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Star of Empire image
John Gast
American Progress 1872
Following are a few images contrasting Bohemian and Western landscapes.
I am also illustrating the ways the Czech immigrants
recreated their new environment harmoniously with their original place.
judith basin panorama.jpg

Judith Basin, Central Montana

Land division under the federal Land Ordinance of 1785 (US).

Land Division - Bohemia
Homestead, Montana
Country road, Montana
 czech village
Country road, Bohemia
Homestead, Montana
Danvers, Montana
 czech village
Czech village
czech montana house
Matthew and Blanche Urs' house,
Danvers, Montana
 house in czech village
Czech village house
czech nebraska architecture zcbj
ZCBJ in Pishelville, Nebraska
photo courtesy of
Dr. David Murphy,
Nebraska State Historical Society.
 folk baroque
Czech folk Baroque
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