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Mary Hallock Foote's drawing Between Desert and Sown
Mary Hallock Foote
Between Desert and Sown, 1895.
The Bohemian Homesteaders project maps the journeys of Bohemian homesteaders, their struggles to create a place and find a new home on the frontiers of Montana and Idaho. Although the narratives of these small ethnic communities have not been documented yet, they too played a significant part in the settlement of the West.
This web site is a brief outline of the project.

Marry Hallock Foote (1847 - 1938), the author of the above drawing was a writer and an illustrator for Scribner's Monthly. She married Arthur DeWint Foote, an engineer with the United State Geological Survey. One of the engineering projects Arthur Foote was involved with was the irrigation system in Southern Idaho.
Pulitzer Price winning novel Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner is loosely based on Mary Foote's life story.
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