preliminary designs:
heart walk foundation - design B
ecostructure - design 1, 2
urban horticulture - design 4A
sound healing - design 3
sound healing - design 4
sun mountain native seeds #1
marcopolo imports
resources for idaho
Idaho Commission on the Arts:
ica - design 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

on the drafting board:
many designs for thorn creek native seeds farm
marketingSimple preliminary designs
TerraGraphics preliminary design
outdated sites:
palouse women artists
body resonance
pure energy
needle nook
save our summer
moscow arts alliance
county fair 2002 - 2004
moonhill ranch
moscow climate change
virtual assistant
south carolina 4-H
treasures of 4-H
northwest assessment
bella's voices
perpetual pillows

portfolio page
buffalo girls productions